The Research Institute IBBF is sponsored by the Association for Vocational Training Research and is a non-profit organisation. The association is managed by a board of directors. The headquarter of the association is in Berlin. The office also the location of IBBF. The institute`s team is composed of 12 experts and scientists from a variety of different professions. The team includes graduates of various disciplines, the social and economic sciences, including professional and economic pedagogues. In interdisciplinary teams, we cooperate with regional, supra-regional and international partners in business, science, education and politics. IBBF develops in European, nationwide and regional R&D projects concepts and solutions for the ongoing big transformations towards VET and further eductaion. In close collaboration with various stakeholders espeially from scientifically and economic fields, concepts are developed and provided for practical use in SMEs. Within the framework of R&D-projects IBBF offers companies and employees support and advice for their change processes. Analyses of organisational and qualification-oriented needs are just as much a part of it as is the development and implementation of HR and organisational concepts. IBBF captures and analyses data regarding trends in VET and the business sector. The results of this research form the basis for our work: We use these results to develop and implement innovative solutions for VET. The focus is to design opportunities for peoples transdisziplinary collaboration and organisations cooperations with regard to meet the demands of new technologies and other challenges. On this background IBBF carries out an online survey on continuing vocational training in organisations in the Berlin-Brandenburg region each spring. Using the results of this survey, which has been conducted every year since 2013, we are able to identify and work with trends and developments. Based on these findings, IBBF works together with its partners to define new content and structure the education and training in the Berlin area. In these processes IBBF additionally develops and uses new methods for moderation and conflict management, leadership, team development and coaching sessions. The R&D project results are published in a variety of journals. All publications are available to interested parties.

The IBBF business activities comprise of: Research and development as well as pilot projects for enterprise change management, competency development and VET activities The application of concepts and solutions from theory to practice Case-studies, on the basis of empirical elevations and evaluations Scientific supervision of promotional programs and innovative projects IBBF work closely with a wide range of partners from business, science, education and politics. It is, therefore, important for IBBF to work in concert with partners to achieve mutual success in occupational and business education. The IBBF cooperates closely with the University of applied Sciences Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin in a number of key areas.

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