Alytus Business Advisory Centre is the first business consulting centre in Lithuania, which was registered as a non-profit organisation on 13. May 1993 and is still operating as a commercial organisation – provider of business and educational services. The Centre was established by local companies and the Alytus City Administration with the support of the EU PHARE programme. The mission is to promote and develop small and medium sized enterprises in the Alytus region through

  • business training, consultancy and information;
  • obtaining support from EU funds and international programmes;
  • integration of self-government and business interests;
  • development of regional and international cooperation.

Services provided by the Alytus Business Advisory Centre:

  • Services “BUSINESS START UP”;
  • VIRTUAL OFFICE” services: LEGAL ADDRESS for the registration of companies in Alytus;
  • PROJECTS for educational programmes for the development of skills and business;
  • EXPORT development services;
  • NON – FORMAL TRAINING: “Business Creation”, Management, Finance, Marketing, etc. – SEMINARS on accounting, labour law and other business management issues.

Alytus Business Advisory Centre is a founder of:

  • “Alytus City Council Local Activity Group” (2015);
  • Founder and manager of the Non-formal Learning Activities of the Council of the Alytus City Municipality of Adult Educational Strategic Partnership Platform from 2014 to date (Alytus
  • City Municipality of Adult Educational Strategic Partnership Platform); (Alytus City Municipality AE-SPP);
  • Founder of the ‘Alytus Regional Accounting Association’ (2008);
  • Founder of the ‘Alytus Land Businessmen Association’ (1995).

Alytus BASC is the initiator of joint projects such as “CREATIVE INDUSTRY” and “ART ECONOMY – 2015” and “YOUNG ENTERPRISES”. with regional and business institutions from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, England, Poland, Turkey and Italy. The agencies of the Republic of Lithuania, regional municipalities (5 municipalities), associated structures and the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce are partners in these projects. From 2000 to 2015 Alytus Business Advisory Centre has won and implemented more than 35 international projects financed by the EU programmes (PHARE, ACCESS, LT/PL, INTERREG, EU SF) to support business start-ups and develop cooperation. The Alytus Business Advisory Centre has a team of consultants and specialists working in the following areas:

  1. management for the implementation of training programmes for SMEs
  2. consultancy services to enterprises;
  3. business plans, marketing plans, investment projects, international projects;
  4. preparation of conferences, seminars, discussions on SME development and the EU internal market;
  5. preparation of training programmes and organisation of training for enterprises and organisations;
  6. searching business partners and markets in Lithuania and abroad;
  7. organisation of “BUSINESS CONTACT FAIRS” and STUDY VISITS for all adult organisations and enterprises; 8. developing a programme in Lithuania: NONFORMAL EDUCATION and support for the implementation of projects in this field.

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