Innovation and Development Promotion Centre (Centrum Promocji Innowacji i Rozwoju) was established in 2005. To promote sustainable social and envirnomental development and create and promote innovation as a part of condition for the regional economy of north-eastern Poland and borderlands. The Association accomplishes its mission by implementing projects with the support of international, national and local public funds, particularly in the area of improving the quality of vocational training, social economy, professional activation, development of entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer.

The main area of IDPC’s activity is the creation and management of a Metal Processing Cluster since 2007.

Metal Processing Cluster brings together more than 120 members; 100 companies operating in the metal – mechanical sector and also 20 strategic partners: universities, business environment institutions and local authorities. Employment in cluster member companies is over 9,000 employees.

The main sector of the cluster is Mechanical Engineering. The undertaken activities focus on the evelopment of the sector, exchange of experience, knowledge transfer and development of human resources, promotion of digital transformation, development of the sector through internationalization, digitization and cross-sectoral cooperation. The main challenge is to use the digital economy for increase in the productivity and competitiveness of enterprises while improving energy efficiency and the results of the circular economy, using ICT solutions.

The cluster’s area of activity is part of the core of smart specializations of the Podlasie region and is in the value chain of the remaining 3 major smart specializations of the region. The main advanced production processes focus on the development and implementation of new processes thanks to new technology 4.0 for sectors with RIS3 and in the value chain: metalworking manufacturing process with the implementation of technologies: automation and robotics (computer integrated production), interaction technologies; AR, VR, visualization; Simulation and modeling, additive production (3D printing, prototyping), laser production.

Over the past 3 years, the cluster has increased employment from 5 to 14 employees due to the development of activities and the implementation of the above described goals and tasks of the cluster. The team consists of specialists in the field of management and implementation of EU projects, project financial management, HR, development of vocational education, technology development, promotion and marketing, clustering and business consulting. A qualified team creates a strong base for running the cluster as a key partner of the mechancal engineering sector in Poland.

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