REI is a dynamic company which can facilitate innovation and the implementation of effective activities for local socio-economic development. The value of REI lies in the creation of corporate partnership made up of Local Authorities, Trade Associations and Territorial Public or Private Law Authorities in order to facilitate and develop the network through different sector.

This approach ensures multi-stakeholders development of projects, aimed at creating group synergies and a collaborative mix of collective benefit in specific fields that caracterize the Province of Cremona such as cosmetic, mechanical and food sector. It means planning skills and actions with a long term impact, in a setting of orientations defined by the territorial strategic board coordinated by Regione Lombardia and other main local actors. Projects development occurs with a subsidiary approach, able to stimulate local empowerment, without competing but promoting, on the one hand, the appearance of crosscutting opportunities, and on the other hand, the increase of efficiency and the validity of partners’ services, to benefit the local economic system.

REI focuses on three main areas of intervention:

  • Territorial Marketing: It represents the development of greater awareness (internal and external) of the value of specific characteristics, local potential and the driving forces behind social and economic development in the Cremona Area. REI revitalize and promote the territory according to the specific characteristics and needs and creating the strongest symbiosis between potential customers and markets development. Target audience: clusters, local businesses and companies outside the Cremona Area, local citizens and external guests, local Public Administration.
  • Innovation and Research: REI is the promoter of innovation. Thanks to its collaboration with universities, research centres and enterprises, REI has a synaptic and pivotal role in activating project synergies among these kinds of entities. The purpose is to disseminate available knowledge, encourage processes of interrelation, implement applied research activities, the industrialization of results and the development of open innovation by stimulating collective intelligence. Target audience: companies, business combination, universities, research centres.
  • Startup: REI – Reindustria Innovazione acts on the territory of the Province of Cremona to promote startups and aspiring businessmen in order to support their development and growth. Target audience: students, aspiring entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, mature companies for generational handover and exchange of sector-based experiences and entrepreneurial culture.

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