Living Lab of the CemiVET project in Lithuania, 18th of May 2023 – meeting report

Living Lab in Lithuania: “Challenges of the circular economy for innovation in the metal and engineering sectors”. 

Living Lab event in Lithuania: “Challenges of the circular economy for innovation in the metal and engineering sectors” – Living Lab Lithuania.

May 18 in 2023 In Alytus, the joint-stock company “Astra LT”, which is a member of the FTD LT cluster, hosted a Mixed Living Laboratory event, under the Erasmus+ CEMIVET project, administered by the Alytus BASC,  where participants from four countries – Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Germany – were guests. Topics related to the application of circular economy principles were discussed at the event, and sustainable welding was discussed.

Reports were read by experts: Dr. Vaidas Liesionis (General Director of AB “Astra LT”), Prof. Vidmantas Tūtlys (Vytautas the Great University), Dr. Irmantas Gedzevičius (Director of the Association of Lithuanian Welders) and Tomas Kuniejus (Teacher at the Alytus Vocational Training Center).

The event was organized by the project partner Alytus BASC . The event was hosted by Algimanta Ščiglinskienė, director of Alytus BASC, FTD LT cluster coordinator.

On May 16 at SaMasz Sp. z o. o. The Living Lab meeting of entrepreneurs from the metal industry and teachers, trainers and students took place as part of the CemiVET project. The project partners from Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Germany also took part in the meeting.

The event was an interactive training day with workshops and a study visit in SaMASZ Company which was an opportunity to delve into the assumptions of the Circular Economy (CE). During the meeting, participants exchanged their experiences and could see the welding process at SaMASZ Company, as well as learn about the solutions implemented in the company in the field of Circular Economy presented by Sławomir Dobrzański Director of R+D SaMASZ.  Theoretical issues concerning circular economy in industry were presented by Dr. Joanna Godlewska from the Białystok University of Technology.

Thank you all for attending the meeting!

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