Successful Kick-Off of the Project on the 15th December 2020

The CEMIVET project started on September 1, 2020 in difficult times, times of uncertainty and instability. All over the world, pandemic conditions, lockdowns and harsh restrictions affected daily life and work. All partners were not allowed to travel, meet or work face to face.

The launch of the project also had to be done online. Even though it could not be a live meeting, the partners managed a successful start. The next activities in the project were analysed and planned, an overview of all milestones was created, rules for public relations were defined, issues were clarified and all pending tasks were distributed among the partners.

The long discussion and scheduling of the first and second intellectual outputs took much time of the meeting. It was decided that all partners should go through a small training on circular economy in metal industry in order to reach the same level in further discussions and share the valuable experiences.

This started the process and the team was ready for the project.

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